Altar Guild


Eucharist Bread (recipe)

The Altar Guild is responsible for setting up the altar before each service, taking care of the altar after each service, and cleaning the church. We also prepare the flowers and set up for special services (weddings, funerals, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc.). We do a lot of “behind the scenes” work! 


Like everyone, this year has been very different for us. In a normal year we would be setting up the altar before and after every service, arranging the flowers, cleaning the church and setting up for those wonderful Easter and Christmas services. You may not have seen us, but we were still there! We did our part to make sure services went well in whatever form the service took! I want to thank our group of wonderful ladies for their dedication and willingness to be flexible this year.

Our group includes Ruth MacIlroy, Della Gleason, MaryAnn Perry, Peg Olson, and myself. We have a small but amazing and devoted group! This year I would like to recognize Ruth MacIlroy for her many, many years (more than 30 years I believe!) of serving on the Altar Guild. She is not one to look for accolades, but I want to thank her for her kindness, guidance and willingness to help out on any occasion. Whether it was a special holiday, wedding, funeral, or a regular service, Ruth was always there to help. We will miss you on the Altar Guild, Ruth, but you have, indeed, earned many jewels in your crown!

I would encourage anyone who is interested in serving on the Altar Guild to contact me or any member of the Guild. It is an honor and privilege to prepare God’s table.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Chambers, Altar Guild Director