Cross Words

Cross Words by Fr. Rick Cross

       W C R O S S         R              “Discerning our future”         D         S Hold on to what is good,  even if it is a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believe,  even if it is a tree which stands alone. Hold on to what you must do,  even if it

Cross Words – Easter Season 2020 by Fr. Rick Cross

      W   CROSS        R        D E a S t e r  S e a s o n                               April 20, 2020             During this Lenten/Easter season I am experiencing a time-warp and have to check the phone, computer and calendar more often to see what date it is! This pandemic has allowed

Cross Words for Easter and Holy Week by Fr. Rick Cross

W C R O S S        R        D E A S T E R and H o l y  W e e k , 2020 Celebration of Holy Week and Easter this year may be unprecedented, since the women discovered the empty tomb! This amazing and time-honored centerpiece of reinvigorating faith and practice

Cross Words by The Rev. Myrick Cross

     W CROSS       R   A D V E N T   2 0 1 8        S “On the first Sunday of Advent the church says, Look! Keep awake! Face your profoundest fear, and then, my Love, I have something wonderful to show you!” Suzanne Guthrie writes in her blog. The first Sunday of