Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry is part of our Outreach Mission. As part of Creative Crafts and Conversation group, people meet once a week to work on prayer shawls as well other crafts. Shawls are given to people who are in need, physically or emotionally   These shawls are warm, soft and comforting. After the shawl has been blessed,  a personalized  prayer is sent with the shawl. We also give shawls in celebration of the birth of a child. The shawl is a constant reminder of God’s love and presence in ours lives.

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Closing Prayer and Blessing *Based on a Susan Jorgensen prayer

Leader: Let us bring our gathering to a close and gather the work of our hands with intention and purpose.

All: Loving God, as we gaze upon this holy work within our circle, may our hearts be filled by what we see. May we behold you in the steady flow of yarn to needle, thread to cloth in the many colors and textures here before us.

Leader: Let us give voice to the love and gratitude that rest within our hearts.

All: Generous God, we thank you for bringing us together in the circle. We thank you for the gift of knitting, the gift of sewing and the gift of praying, We thank you those who have passed on this ancient art to us. We thank you for those who created the yarn and cloth, those brought it to market, and those who stock the shelves. We are blessed by the lives of the many people who make our knitting and sewing possible.

Leader: Let us pray for those who will receive our creations.

All: Compassionate God, we ask you to bless all the people for whom these items are being made. May these items be a reminder of your presence in their lives. May these bring them love and light, hope and joy.

Leader: Let us pray for a safe trip home.

All: O God, you who watch over us by day and by night, keep us safe from harm. Guide us to our homes with care and love. Be a bright light in our darkness. Grant us rest in the midst of our hectic lives. Bless us: bless those we love: bless especially those in pain and loneliness.





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