Outreach Ministry Group

St. Patrick’s Church strongly believes in service to and with others within and beyond our parish. We are not a well-endowed parish but fully acknowledge the gifts each of us possess and we partner with others in the community to do much more than what we could accomplish alone. Many members of St. Patrick’s are involved in community groups serving and working with others. These groups include Partners for Peace, CourageLIVES, the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter, Food AND Medicine, The Brewer Ministerium, Faith Linking In Action, and a new non-profit created by a member of our church called Dignity First. These parishioners share information regarding the needs of these organizations and how others might help. In addition, we have sometimes invited people from the community to speak during a Sunday service regarding their ministry.

The Outreach Ministry Group provides service to and with others in many forms. We collect desired items or offer financial support. The group provides free Sunday lunches at Columbia Street Baptist Church. Additionally, they give time and share skills with local programs that work for community improvement. The Ministry Group earns the funds we spend in many creative ways. We have made and sold chocolate heart lollipops and needhams. We collect bottle refunds in a Clynk account. Through creative marketing, we gather donations (for example, sponsoring a specific item needed on a giving wall or tree, etc.), conduct yard sales, and more (see also Faith Linking in Action). When the Ministry members expressed a desire to have a “Little Lending Library”, an anonymous friend donated a beautiful, hand-crafted library box and people in the neighborhood are borrowing, donating, and using the box!

The Outreach Ministry Group currently meets via Zoom on the second Thursday every other month. Please contact info@stpatsbrewer.org for more information about the work of the Outreach Ministry Group.