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Treasurer’s Tidbits

Thank you for supporting St. Patrick’s in 2018.  Last Sunday, 11-month pledge reports were handed out to people who made a pledge in 2018.  There are 4 more Sundays to fulfill your pledge for 2018.  The last Sunday is December 30, 2018.   If you think there is a mistake on your report, please contact me (landline 884-8898) and I will look into it.  I do not carry pledge amounts in my head, they are in the computer.  Ten pledges have been paid in full or excess, but we are still down nearly $7000 in pledge payments for the year. As for 2019, I have only received 25 pledge cards and we usually have 32 or more pledging units. Your attention to these details will help as the Vestry ends 2018 and figures out the budget for 2019.


Thank you,

Cynthia Vaughan, Treasurer of St. Patrick’s