Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Stewardship Committee

St. Patrick’s view of the future is bright and large!  As healthy and whole stewards of our church, we contribute time, talent, prayers, funds, gifts, love, dedication, compassion, and presence to the life and vitality of our church.  Each year our members reflect upon opportunities to help our parish be sustained and grow through annual faith giving, memorial gifts, gifts in kind, planned giving, outreach and in reach, as well as serving in our ministries or sharing gifts and passions with the parish.

Forms of Legacy Gifts:

Bequests: Making a provision in the donor’s will to benefit the congregation or other ministry.

Life Insurance: Designating the congregation or ministry as a policy beneficiary.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Receiving income for life while making a legacy gift through the Episcopal Church Foundation, the Pooled Income Fund, or a Charitable Gift Annuity.

Retirement Funds: Designating a congregation or ministry as a recipient of fund distributions.

Gift in Life: Making a gift of securities, real-estate, or objects of value to a congregation or ministry of the diocese.

Year Round Stewardship:

January: Epiphany Party
February: Forms of Legacy Gifts
March: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
April: Outreach Program
May: Spring Cleanup
June: Annual Yard Sale
July: Worship on the Waterfront and Picnic
August: Youth Sponsored Event
September: Speaker on Stewardship
October: Testimony from Parishioner – Every Member Canvass
November: Holiday Breakfast and Fair
December: Advent Outreach Project