Rev. Dr. Myrick (Rick) Cross


Rev. Cross began ministry as Priest-in-Charge of St. Patrick’s the first Sunday in Advent, 2015. He was no stranger to many in this congregation, having served as Interim at St. Patrick’s about ten years before. He had retired as Canon Vicar of Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati, Diocese of Southern Ohio in 2000. He and his family returned to Maine, and following the death of his wife Amy in 2012, he and his younger daughter Katherine (as fifth and sixth generations) have lived on the family farm where he grew up, in the small village of Freedom, about an hour’s drive south down Rt.3. His mom, who is ninety-eight, lived with them until recently entering an assisted living home near Augusta.

His family fell in love with St. Patrick’s when they were here the first time, and the warm, loving spirit of openness and acceptance drew them back. It is such a gift to be a member of a vibrant community of diverse and unique people who are eagerly seeking how to follow the Spirit in supporting one another and serving the neighborhood. Acceptance of his handicapped daughter Katherine’s ministry as a committed acolyte is an integral aspect of his ministry.

Following a career in education, he began ministry in Biddeford, Maine and served in Baltimore, Cape Cod, Blue Hill, and Cincinnati. He loves his farm and has a large organic garden. His interests include historic preservation, and he is working on projects with the local Historical Society. Recently, he served as Chair of the Board of Directors of R.S.U. #3 (Mt. View School). A small group meets weekly as the “Stable Gathering” in his barn chapel to meditate, read and discuss topics of faith and life. “Avis Perley,” (his grandparents who lived their lives here) is a hobby farm museum and arts and crafts gallery shop in the barn, organized around his family’s antique tools, sleighs and wagons.

He didn’t grow up in the Episcopal Church but as a searching adult came to find home here. He is artistic, a thinker, and a social activist. He loves the balance of freedom and structure he finds. At this point in history, he is trying to let go of meaningless pieces of the institution and re-discover how Jesus is inspiring us to re-create an alternative faith community.

His academic background includes Wheaton College (Illinois),  University of Maine, Ball State University, and General Theological Seminary. He is inspired by Henri Nouwen Richard Rohr, and writers in the Celtic tradition from the Iona Community in Scotland. Holistic healing has been a focus of his ministry.

What a gift it is to be with others who are searching for an authentic relationship with God and each other. Love will find a way. 

Associate Priest

Rev. Levering (Lev) Sherman

Rev. Sherman was rector of the Episcopal congregation in Millinocket, ME from April of 2012 through December 2015. He also served as priest-in-charge of the northern Maine church in Winn; was vicar of All Saints’ in Skowhegan from August of 1997, and of St. Martin’s Palmyra from March of 2006, both until April 2012.  His first service in Maine was as vicar of St. Barnabas’ in Augusta from November 1989 to August of 1997. Ordained to the priesthood in Western North Carolina in 1974, Lev also worked in counseling and public mental-health positions, and later in Public Television and educational media. From 1997 until he joined St. Martin’s, he was Coordinator of Developmental Technologies and Educational Media at the Maine State Library in Augusta. He is married to Dr. Ann Holland of St John’s Bangor, and they reside in Bangor.

Lev served as clergy-deputy to the 2009 national Episcopal General Convention in Anaheim, and at the 2012 GC in Indianapolis.

Lev has been part of a variety of diocesan responsibilities since 1989. He was a member of the Committee on Holy Orders / Commission on Ministry (COHO / COM), the Committee on Baptismal Ministry (COBM), the Diocesan Grants Committee, and consultant in ministry and Ministry Development. He also previously served as:  Chair of the Committee on Spirituality and the Environment, representative to the regional Synod (Province 1, New England); first chair and organizer of the Communications Committee; Commission on Diocesan Operations; Committee on Missions; Board of Directors of the Diocesan Resource Center.


Margaret (Peggy) Day

Deacon Peggy Day has served as Deacon at St. Patrick’s for many years. She is currently on sabbatical effective October 2021.


The vestry is the core elected lay leadership group of the parish. As such, each member of the vestry, each candidate who commits to be nominated to serve as a vestry member and the vestry as a group are expected to willingly take a leadership role incorporating the following duties: strategic leadership, role modeling, training and education, and administration.

Vestry meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm both in person at St. Pat’s and on Zoom.

Vestry Discussion meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm both in person at St. Pat’s and on Zoom.

Our 2022 Vestry members are ready for an exciting year of growth at St. Patrick’s!

SENIOR WARDEN                   Pete Perry                SeniorWarden@stpatsbrewer.org 

JUNIOR WARDEN                  Tom Copeland         JuniorWarden@stpatsbrewer.org

CLERK                                      Pat Blethen              Clerk@stpatsbrewer.org

TREASURER                            David Blethen          Treasurer@stpatsbrewer.org

Vestry Members

Lisa Chambers

Della Gleason

Vickie Montgomery

Mary Ann Perry

Larry Puls

Diocesan Delegates

Mike Gleason

Peg Olson

Alternates: Della Gleason and Gerri Stinson

Liaisons to the Ministries (to be determined for 2022 Vestry)

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