Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

A Seat at the Table

For where two or three have gathered together in My name,

I am there in their midst.
Matthew 18:20

June Update:

Before formal Christianity, followers of the Way of Jesus met in homes. Bishop Curry is inviting us to practice by gathering in our homes to share the Word, the Way, and community.

This is your invitation to have A Seat at the Table in the group of your choice for 6 weeks.

These gatherings will be the beginning of sharing our faith journeys in a more intimate setting to build deeper connections to the Word and with one another. We recognize and acknowledge that each and every member of our groups already has the Way of Love in them. We are not trying to convince anyone of something “new”. Instead we are encouraging our small groups to enhance the faith practices and exploration we each, up to this point in our lives, have already germinated. This is the point of sharing our faith journeys, not just as an ice breaker.

Our life journeys inform and collectively are at the the very core of the spiritual personality of each group. Therefore each group will take on a personality and will find different callings that may be more inwardly or outwardly focused. Wherever the group development goes, each and all are right and good.