A Seat at the Table

For where two or three have gathered together in My name,

I am there in their midst.
Matthew 18:20

St. Patrick’s Seat At The Table (SATT) program leaders met in February 2020 to debrief the
second series of sessions finishing just after Christmas 2019. The assessment of the fall 2019
sessions was again positive from both leaders and participants. The leaders group decided to
conduct another series of sessions beginning in April, after Easter, and going into June. It was at
this point Peg Olson requested someone else step into the SATT Coordinator role because of the
increased tasks required of her as Senior Warden.

Christine Talbott said she would be the new Coordinator.   Meeting times for the new series again would be varied and based on the
availability of the leaders. The frequency of the six sessions would be directed by the group
members, trying to be no less frequent than monthly, preferably every other week or weekly.
The invitation would include suggested topics for discussion but the groups would determine the
ones they want to discuss.

The SATT meetings would use revised readings and prayers fitting
the time of day and season. Three groups were established: Wednesday morning, Friday
evening, and Sunday afternoon/evening. There was ongoing discussion about the formation of a
group for just men and having it be not only discussion but including an activity, but it was
suggested this “Men’s Group” should be a totally separate group outside the SATT umbrella.
Invitations to parishioners to be participants in any of the groups would be sent by mail no later
than April 1, 2020 with Maundy Thursday being the target date to set the groups.

Jamie Beck stepped out of her role as member of the SATT leader’s group at the end of February citing lack
of time with her new non-profit getting going. Pat Blethen accepted her files of the documents
related to SATT meetings. The invitations were revamped and Paula Baines was given the Excel
file of past invitations sent and responses for use with the current series’ invitations. The leaders
group met the first Sunday of March to finalize the invitations and other group documents. Then
COVID-19 hit and we suspended SATT activities.

In 2021, the Seat At The Table program should resume with sessions by Zoom to help our parishioners re-connect and have a means to explore topics of faith meaningful to them.