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Announcements – October 20, 2019

St. Patrick’s Fall Food Fair: Breakfast and Beyond

Please save the date of Saturday, November 23 for the St Patrick’s Fall Food Fair.  The Christmas fair is not happening this year so your support of the breakfast by Mark and the Baked Goods and Beyond will be much appreciated.  A sign up sheet will be in the Common Room. For more information,  please speak to Sandra Currier.


Build A Basket for Solidarity Harvest

We are getting ready for the 13 hundred Solidarity Harvest Baskets again and we need your help. We hope to put a small loaf of pumpkin bread in each basket. At least 6 other local churches and Temple Bethel are offering to bake . If you can help, I left a recipe in the Common Room along with tins, spices and canned pumpkin. You certainly can use your own recipe if you wish but we would really like for them to be frozen. You can put them in the freezer in the kitchen at any time. The due date is November 26 . I plan to make mine well ahead of time so that I can help with our Food Fair. Many Thanks . Questions ? Call Ellen 207 944-7656. or

+++++On that note, Nancy and Ellen are going to bake some pumpkin bread in the church kitchen today after church.  Folks are welcome to join them. Ellen will be bringing the ingredients listed on the recipe in the Common room. The loaves will  be frozen to go to the Solidarity baskets. ++++++

The next Main + Street Churches meeting  is today, at 12 noon at the First United Methodist Church ( next to Tiller and Rye) . St. Patrick’s is providing soup and variety of breads for the meal.  Parishioners are encouraged to attend.

On Sunday, November 3, 2019, exactly one year before the national election, Christians from a wide range of theological and political views will take action to express their concern  about the polarization in our country and affirm the need to apply Christian principles to our political discussions. Congregations that participate in Golden Rule 2020: A Call for Dignity and Respect in Politics will reflect on Jesus’ teaching that we “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and pray for our country.  Many other faith traditions also teach some form of “The Golden Rule,” and we welcome all who would like to join us in applying this principle to our politics. Participants will explore ways that they can apply the “Golden Rule” in their political activities between now and the 2020 election.  to indicate your support for Golden Rule 2020 and receive updates on its activities. For more information, refer to today’s handout and stay tuned as to how St. Patrick’s community responds to this important event.


Faith Linking in Action just held its fall convening. The host was the Food Access Committee. It was a very well attended and meaningful gathering. Six people from St. Pat’s attended. Everyone was asked to pledge to do something further in regards to the topic of “Food is a Right”. All people should have access to nutritious food. The struggles are many and deep. One of the most moving moments was the telling of two stories from people who are experiencing food insecurity. Rev. Peggy Day shared one of these stories during her homily last Sunday. The other story was from a woman whose health has improved because of having access to the produce from one of the gardens the Food Access Committee sponsors.
            So what is next for St. Pat’s.? We agreed that our congregation should hear more stories from those impacted and from those working with people who are affected by food insecurity. We also discussed ways to help people learn how to stretch the food budget through coupons, meal planning and cooking techniques, canning etc. Stay tuned for more action at St. Pat’s.
To get involved contact Mary Ann Perry at or Peggy Day at

Columbia Street Lunch is Nov. 3. The food sign-up is in the Common Room.




The Taize/Iona Meditation Services have been very popular so we have decided to try to host one the first Thursday of EACH month beginning in November. So our next service will be Nov. 7th then Dec. 5. They will begin at 6:30 pm. These meditation services are simple with prayers, scripture, times of quiet meditation, and songs from Taize, France and the Iona Community of Scotland. We sing many of the songs during our regular Sunday morning services. They are short, simple, and intended to be repeated so a person can feel the rhythm and flow as the Holy Spirit moves them.


The next Holyoke Street Neighborhood Garden meeting will be Oct. 27 at NOON. By then produce will be finished and it will be time to prepare the garden for winter. I


Where does the loose offering in the plate go?  The Outreach Committee would like to remind folks that the loose plate offering on the second Sunday of the month goes into the Outreach fund.   On the third Sunday of the month it goes to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. On other Sundays it goes into the general fund.

 Prayer list updates: Larry and Bonnie Puls are the new contact people for creating the prayer list.  If you would like to add or delete someone from the prayer list you can add your request in the Common Room or contact the Puls’ at: or 942-1321 or find their contact information in the new green directory.

Coffee Hour: Please sign up to host coffee hour. There are a few spots open this fall. The sign-up sheet is on the Common Room table.