Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Announcements-Sunday, June 30, 2019

We serve lunch at Columbia Street on July 7. The sign-up sheet is ready. This is our summer menu so Beans and franks, etc. We still need many baked beans for next Sunday. Servers also needed.  


Holyoke Street Neighborhood Garden: We need help tending, weeding, and watering the garden beds and flower beds around the church. Please talk to Pete Perry, Mary Ann Perry, or Ellen Fisher, if you can be a part of the team. We encourage you to talk to any neighbors about our garden and invite them to participate. Our next meeting is NOON, Sunday July 14. All are welcome.


Yes, meetings and gatherings continue throughout the summer. 

  • The Transportation for All continues to meet with the City of Bangor to improve the public transit system as they struggle through the study. Transportation for All: The TFA Facebook page is now open to the public. Visit the site to learn about their concerns, activities and projects, and support as they continue to work for improved public transportation in the Bangor area. The committee’s next meeting is Thursday, July 11@ 9am at the Peace and Justice Center, Harlow Street, Bangor. Contact for more information.
  • Child Care Team meets the 2nd MONDAY of each month. Notice this is a new day. Their next meeting is August 12@ 6pm at The First Methodist Church, Bangor. Essex Street. Notice they are taking a break in July. The August meeting will focus on new legislation.
  • The Food Access Committee is in full swing right now. All 11 gardens are getting underway with great enthusiasm. The Committee is also working on information to encourage faith groups to discuss food insecurity and to share their ideas with the group. St. Patrick’s garden group has trouble attending these meetings because of scheduling. If anyone can attend it would be great. Pete Perry will attend the July meeting but would love someone to go with him. All meetings are the second Thursday of the month. The next meeting is July 11 from 11-1 at Food AND Medicine. There is a Potluck lunch. Speak to Pete Perry if you can attend. 

During the time leading to the season of Pentecost, the St. Patrick’s Living Local: Joining God Guiding Team asked everyone to think about their answer to this question: “How are you engaging WITH others in the world?”  This Sunday we want you to write the ways you as a person of faith are being WITH others on the sticky notes provided and place them in the collection plate. You can use as many sticky notes as you have ways you engage with others!! We will have the sticky notes available for the next few Sundays.


Photo credit Deb Nystrom

A Seat at the Table Survey Results Are In-

 There were 19 poll ballots returned with six people indicating they could be available for a summer session beginning Mid- June.  Three people stated they would not be interested in joining a small group but gave suggestions for other ways to learn about the topics listed in the poll.  The remaining 10 people indicated September through mid-October was better for small group sessions. 

The SATT leaders will use the summer months to discern and decide curricula for the chosen topics.  The leaders will be keeping the congregation informed, with plenty of lead time, about the beginning of the next round of sessions and the topics so they can choose the one they want to investigate within a small group.  We will also be inviting members of the Brewer Methodist and Congregational Churches to join us in our journey along the Way of Love.


Members and clergy of St. Patrick’s, THE Brewer United Methodist and the Brewer Congregational Churches have met twice over the past two months to put their heads together and see how we can support one another and expand our outreach to the community. These meetings have been very productive, and the following organizing principles have been proposed:

A meeting of two lay leaders and clergy from each congregation will meet to develop specific proposals for future collaboration:        

  • Outreach / Community Ministry groups
  • Administrative / Office organization, space, staff, equipment and supplies
  • Creation of a combined “Main + Street Church” that include a
  • Directory of Names, Contact information and ministry interests and involvements

The organization will keep their congregations informed through their communications to their congregations.

Calling Book Lovers…Pat Blethen is planning to have a used book sale outside at the church at the end of August or beginning of Sept. Those who stop by the sale will be surveyed to determine if there is any interest in establishing a “little library box” near the church. If there is enough interest, then whatever funds are raised will go toward the materials to build the box.  If there isn’t enough interest, then perhaps the proceeds could be donated to Literacy Volunteers.  Pat has place two boxes in the Shamrock room if you are interested in donating books for this sale. Please do not bring encyclopedia type books or magazines.  Anyone who is interested in participating in this project please contact Pat.  If someone is willing to set up a canopy of some type that would be appreciated.

Where does the loose offering in the plate go?  The Outreach Committee would like to remind folks that the loose plate offering on the second Sunday of the month goes into the Outreach fund.   On the third Sunday of the month it goes to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. On other Sundays it goes into the general fund.


Artful Spirit Connection: 

  • Kelly Neptune exhibit: Two weeks remain in the exhibit of Kelly Neptune’s photography. Last day will be July 14. The exhibit is in the Shamrock Room. Please take the time to view it. There are some stunning nature images.
  • Brewer Days-Art Kits for Kids: In August, we will be collecting art supplies again for the art kits for kids. Stay tuned for items list next month. Brewer Days is usually held on the second Saturday in September. We could use help that day as well to cover the art table, set up and take down.
  • Art N Play: Experiment in Watercolor is scheduled for September 28from 10 am to 12 noon. For more information check out  or speak to Paula Baines.

Coffee hour sign up.  Please consider volunteering to provide simple fare during coffee hour. There are dates open.  To those who are planning on hosting coffee hour please be aware that there are currently four opened bottles of juice available for use.  Also, if you have left anything in the freezer for coffee hour, would you please record it on the sheet on the freezer door indicating what it is and a general idea of when it needs to be used. (Perhaps a rule of thumb is no more than about 3 month?.) The hope is that these treats will actually be eaten rather than getting thrown out when they have been there too long. 

Prayer list updates: Larry and Bonnie Puls are the new contact people for creating the prayer list.  If you would like to add or delete someone from the prayer list you can add your request in the Common Room or contact the Puls’ or 942-1321 or find their contact information in the new green directory.