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Artful Spirit Connection Hosts Kelly Ann Neptune Photo Exhibit in June 2019-mid-July

Artful Spirit Connection hosts Kelly Ann Neptune’s Photo Exhibit in June 2019. The exhibit will run through July 15. 

The exhibit will be hung up during the first week of June in the Shamrock Room at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 21 Holyoke Street, Brewer, Maine.

Some of you may know Kelly through her guest appearances playing the native flute with our musical group, Kelly Ann is also a talented nature photographer. 

From Kelly A. Neptune:

From before I can even remember freezing moments in time has fascinated me. Over the course of this lifetime that desire transcended into illustrating the feel of what I was witnessing. Music is a wonderful conduit for inspiring those heartfelt sentiments and channeling emotions into images. Listening to music while capturing subjects offers both a meditative and healing experience. Together they hold me completely in the present moment and offer many lessons in my own personal growth.

Above all, I have learned this…time is so swift we barely sense it. Photography has taught me to realize and appreciate the impermanence of everything in life. Embrace all that is right here in front of you at this very moment, then let it go. Another moment awaits and you will  miss it trying to hold onto what has passed.