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Our Faith and Public Policy Faith Linking in Action Convening, Thursday, May 2, 2019

Our Faith and Public Policy

Faith Linking in Action Convening

May 2nd, 2019 at Hammond Street Congregational Church

Dinner and socializing from 5:30 to 6:15 pm
Meeting from 6:15-8:00 pm

Please RSVP!

Faith Linking in Action (FLIA) invites you to our spring convening on May 2nd which will focus on Faith and Public Policy. We will discuss questions such as: How to be true to our faith tradition when talking public policy or politics? How does our faith strengthen, energize, ground and give clarity to how we address public policy questions of the day? And How does your faith tradition inform your response to poverty?

We will have four faith leaders discuss these issues, followed by small group conversations. In addition, we will also have updates from areas that FLIA focuses on including affordable childcare, food justice and transportation equity. We will also recognize that May 2nd is Holocaust Memorial Day and we will reflect upon the significance of the Holocaust and what it means for us today.

One issue that has come up repeatedly by the people who are active in these programs is the challenges around stigma. Poor people are seen as “those people” undeserving and unworthy of support. At times, support or help has been called kind-hearted, but naive and ultimately creating a dependency. How does our faith aid us when we engage in working on poverty in today’s world? Having a conversation on these topics is the primary purpose of our spring FLIA convening.

When FLIA began in 2013, Rabbi Lerner of Congregation Beth-El told of a parable of babies floating down the river. People rallied themselves to rescue the babies and became good at it. After awhile, a person decided to go upstream to find out how the babies were getting in the water in the first place. In other words, what is the root cause of the problem? Back in 2012, FLIA saw many congregations doing great work to address direct needs, but saw its role is primarily about going upstream to learn and then help solve root causes of poverty.

FLIA, from its listening campaign and with the support of Food AND Medicine, works primarily on three issues: affordable childcare, food justice and affordable transportation.

The goals of a FLIA convening are the following:

  • create space for an interfaith fellowship
  • share about FLIA and the work we do from a faith perspective
  • reflect on FLIA’s roots and further our core mission seeking to address root causes of poverty

Background of FLIA: Faith Linking In Action (FLIA) is a group of Bangor-area faith communities working to build a community of justice and dignity. FLIA is an affiliate of the non-profit organization Food AND Medicine (FAM), which works toward a region where nobody has to choose between food, medicine or other basic needs. FAM has supported faith-based organizing for over 16 years in our region.

For more information, please contact Jack McKay at or 989-4141. You can RSVP by replying to this email.

Faith Linking in Action (FLIA) is a partnership of local faith communities working together to address root causes of poverty. FLIA is an affiliate of Food AND Medicine (FAM), a grassroots, nonprofit organization that has worked since 2002 for a livable region in Eastern Maine where nobody should have to choose between food, medicine and other basic needs. Connect with us on Social Media! Facebook: “Faith Linking in Action” and “Food AND Medicine”; Twitter: @foodANDmedicine Ivers St. Brewer, ME 04412

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