Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Announcements for February 17, 2019

Welcome to tour new worship space!” Please take home the information sheet about our seating experiment. And we want your feedback!  Please stay today, for a modified Coffee Hour in the Common Room. We will then gather in the sanctuary where Jr.  Warden, Della Gleason and Worship Committee and vestry members. Lisa Chambers and Peg Olsen will moderate a discussion about our new pew configuration.

It’s time to sign-up to cook and serve for Columbia Street Lunch. Please see the list in the Common Room. We serve on March 3.



The Guiding Team continues to encourage you to be alert to the many opportunities in your daily lives to listen, observe, meet, share and engage with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, and with those you have chance meetings. Let your senses come alive!   Please continue to pray the Holy Spirit leads us each day, to grow in openness with the people we encounter, to hear and connect with them. AMEN


Faith Linking in Action is very active. Many from St. Patrick’s attended the quarterly convening in January when the focus was on Transportation for All. What an eye-opening experience for non-bus riders to try to plan just one day having to use public transportation. It became very clear that public transportation is important to all of us whether we use it or not. The better the service, the better for all citizens.

             February Meetings:

  • Transportation for All:Thursday, Feb. 21 @ 9 AM Peace & Justice Center, Bangor.

            For more information speak to Peggy Day, Peg Olson, or Mary Ann Perry

Faith Linking in Action is holding a Progressive Supper fundraiser on Sunday, March 3, 2019 beginning at 5:00 pm as a fundraiser. The cost of the tickets is $20, but don’t let the cost keep you away because there are free tickets available as well. The event will begin at the Unitarian Universalist Society on Park Street in Bangor, where we will enjoy appetizers.  Then, at 6:00 a main course of lasagna, knotted garlic rolls, and salad will be served.  We will end with dessert at 7:00 at Redeemer Lutheran Church.   Come join us for a wonderful evening of food and socialization with neighbors and friends. Tickets are available through Mary Ann Perry, Lev Sherman, or Peggy Day.  Note from editor, Christine:  Several of us are going and carpooling would be fun and help with parking. Any volunteers?

Ushers have the New Personnel Information Sheet with important numbers for you.

St. Patrick’s is hosting the meeting of the Episcopal Committee on Indian Relations on March 3rd from 1:00 to 4 :00 pm. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.  This meeting is a joint one with the Friends Committee on Maine Public Policy.  Speaking is Paul Thibeault, the Managing Director of the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission, and Senator Michael Carpenter, Co-chair of the Judiciary Committee, that will be considering all bills pertinent to the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act and most other legislation addressing Wabanaki-Maine relations. For further information, contact John Dieffenbacher-Krall at

The Maine Council of Churches Advocacy Days at the State House are March 25 and 26. See a flyer for details, and registration and if interested in going, check with Mary Ann Perry about carpooling.