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Treasurer’s Annual Report Presented by Cynthia Vaughan, Treasurer 2018

Treasurer’s Report for year ending 2018

Thank you the members of St. Patrick’s for supporting our church in 2018.

Thank you the members of St. Patrick’s for supporting me in the role as Treasurer for the past seven years.  It is with sadness and yet joy that I pass the job on to Penny Baker.  I thank David Blethen for all his support over the last seven years and I especially thank Jane Harburger for her continuing encouragement.  It has been an interesting job, with a learning curve and now I am ready to give it up.   Please support and encourage Penny Baker as she under takes the job.

We ended 2018 in the “black” and I put $2583 back into OUR savings account.

The 2019 Budget is once again a deficit budget, but I feel it can be turned around over the course of the year.  Your diligence to keeping your pledges current, keeps the cash flow in the check book, and makes the Treasurer’s job much easier.   Our Holiday Fair in November 2018 was not as fruitful as planned.  We need to rethink the Holiday Fair in 2019.  The time to start is now.

Our Outreach continues to be great and diverse.  We will continue to put all loose offerings on the second Sunday of the month into Outreach.  On the third Sunday of the month all loose offerings go into the Rector’s Discretionary Account.   On the other Sundays, the loose offering goes to St. Patrick’s budget.   The money from your pledge is for the operating expenses of St. Patrick’s.  We try very hard to use this money wisely.   You can make a special donation to a specific cause at any time. Please note it on your pledge envelope or the money will be considered pledge.

St_Pats Annual Report 2018 FINAL