Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Peggy’s Ponderings – DEACON’S REPORT by The Rev. Deacon Peggy Day

Deacon Peggy Day

This past year has brought some changes in my ministry.  I continue to serve on the Clergy Day Committee, which is responsible for developing continuing education opportunities for the clergy in the Diocese.  It has become more of an advisory group for the Bishop. 

I resigned my position on the Executive Council of Deacons for the Diocese.  I had served on the council since its inception. I completed my term as chaplain to the Deacon Formation Program in January.  Last October I again served the Diocesan Convention as assistant secretary under the secretary, Leigh Spahr.  That continues to be a real pleasure.  Leigh serves the diocese in that capacity and does a great job.

I currently serve as co-chair of the Steering Committee for Partners For Peace.  In that role, I chair the meetings that are held on the third Thursday of the month which include both resource center coverage and phone coverage via new technology.  I continue to serve on the Development Committee, as well and offer clinical supervision to students who are doing their field placements at this organization.

I continue to serve as Secretary of the Faith Linking in Action Board.  That has been active as it developed bylaws and continues to develop FLIA as a subsidiary of Food and Medicine.  We meet once a month. I serve as facilitator of the sub-committee for fundraising.

Bishop Lane appointed me to the Commission on Ministry in November and I attended my first meeting of that group in November.  It is an active group and is exploring possible ways to be available to assist with discernment for all, not just for those seeking ordination.  It is exciting work.

On the local level, I serve you all here at St. Patrick’s in my role as deacon.  I coordinate the Lay Eucharistic Visitor Program, which has been active this year.  There have been changes in my ministry with you, as well.  I moved from full time to part time.  This means that I am with you two Sundays of the month (unless there are five Sundays in the month, then I am with you for three).  It also means that I have resigned my position as chair of the Outreach Committee.  Kate Petrie has graciously stepped into that position.  Thank you, Kate.  I have moved to part time work at Care & Comfort, and now work only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I volunteer for Partners for Peace on Mondays and I hold Thursdays open to be able to meet at St. Patrick’s with Rick, MaryAnn, and others as needed.  This move was, in part, because my special-needs sister who lives in a group home in Norway, is needing more of my attention and I need to be available to travel to Norway more often.

I have visited many parishioners and am always available to be a support to you all in any way I can.

I have also continued to coordinate the Creative Crafts and Conversations group on Monday evenings from 6:00-7:30 in the undercroft.  This group has several members who have a lot of fun creating items for the fair, prayer shawls for those in need, and quilts.  Please speak to Lisa Chambers, Fr. Rick, or me if you know anyone who might benefit from a prayer shawl. We continue to seek ways to engage the neighborhood and have people drop in from time to time.

I have also been the designated driver for your Living Local Team as we attend events in Waterville.  I work with Fr. Rick as part of the clergy of Living Local.  As clergy, our job is to get out of the way of the team and observe what they are doing.  The formal part of this work with the diocese has ended.  I look forward to serving with you in 2019 as we continue to seek God in our neighborhood.

May God continue to bless you in your various ministries…and there are many.  It is a real pleasure to serve as deacon among you.