Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Epiphany Is A New Experience…It Changes Us

Excerpts from Epiphany Sermon 2019
An Epiphany is a new experience, it changes us. We cannot create it within. It is created without, on the outside. We have no control, stated Fr. Rick during today’s sermon.  
Sharing the works from T.S. Elliott and Fr. Richard Rohr, Rick shared what an Epiphany is and why we need to experience it.  Epiphany changes us through love. Love rather than mere duty. Love, rather than mere obligation. 
As part of Fr. Rick’s sermon, Fr. Rick introduced us to a new small group experience that will kick off this year–it is called A Seat at the Table. Over the last several weeks of 2018, Fr. Rick met with St. Pat’s members who will serve as hosts for the small group gatherings in homes. 
Each home will be known as a manger site. Two people will serve as hosts. Each group will meet for six weeks said Fr. Rick. Adding, initially, he had the idea to use an existing curriculum put out by the Episcopal Church. However, as the group began to meet, he realized he had to let go of his initial vision.  A Seat at the Table  is built as an experiment. 
Fr. Rick asked the hosts up to the altar to share what this experience will mean to them. 
It is an opportunity for people of faith to get together in small groups and support each other’s faiths, replied David Blethen.
The focus is a journey. We are at different points in our journeys. We can pull together and engage, said Jamie Beck.
It will be intimate setting and I would like to have that opportunity with you shared Christine Talbott.
The small group gatherings will be an experience to get to know others better so our celebrations on Sundays will become more special said Peg Olson.
It is about a longing. Longing to speak about our experiences. It will provide an opportunity; a safe space to share. It will start with bread and soup, shared Lee White. 
Fliers were handed out during coffee hour and people could sign up for their first and second options with Peg Olson.  Look for further information in your e-mail this coming week.