Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Announcements – January 6, 2019-Epiphany

The picture on the left is the new Outreach icon. Members of the Outreach committee voted on their top choice of five options. This will be used from this point on for Outreach news and announcements.

The Columbia Street Lunch is being served today

Today, Fr. Rick Cross blessed the Blessing Bags today as part of our Epiphany service. The bags will then be delivered to area police stations during Epiphany.  Thank you for your contributions.

  • Last week, the Outreach team put together 34 Winter Blessing Bags. Each bag contained a check list, a short note from St. Pat’s, and a business card for the homeless shelter. We also received numerous $5 gift cards for police to use to get people off the street for a while, on cold days and get a hot drink. Using the supplies many people generously donated we assembled three (3) types of Blessings Bags:
  • 17 extreme level bags were filled with thick gloves, hats, and winter weight socks as well as the items on the attached list. Extreme bags were put together with homeless people living on the street in mind.
  • 7 average level bags included winter clothing, intended more for people not sleeping on the street at night.
  • 10 bags that contain items that are more suitable to spring/ summer weather were put together and will be delivered to police in February/ March.
  • We also collected a wool blanket to donate to the police. 
  • There were enough additional socks that we made up over 10 bags of socks for police to carry and give away as needed.
  • Extra soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes were shared with two other homeless agencies and some will be offered to participants at Columbia Street on Sunday.

The Sunday School children joined us as the three wisemen during the offertory bringing gifts of the Magi-frankincense, myrth, and gold. 


St. Patrick’s will hold its 2019 Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 20, 2019. If you are a committee chair and/or lay leader, please get your written reports to Rita Poirier by January 10, 2019 by midnight. Please send reports to:


Living Local:  We have been concentrating on meeting people in our neighborhoods and in our communities. This Advent Season encourages us to stay alert, notice our neighbors and those we meet during our busy days. Several days on the Advent Calendar suggest ways to connect with those in our community. How are you continuing to engage with others? “The Way of Love: Practices for Jesus Centered Life” process through he National Church is an excellent way to keep moving forward. As you do all this continue to pray “We pray the Holy Spirit leads us each day, to grow in openness with the people we encounter, to hear and connect with them. Amen”

Faith Linking in Action board is arranging to meet with member congregations, congregations that have expressed an interest in our organization, and congregations that have been active in the past to bring everyone up to date with our latest progress.

We will ask someone to speak at St. Patrick’s sometime in the new year. All the Teams meet monthly, so you might like to attend a meeting to become more familiar their work and maybe become more involved:

  • Transportation for All members are speaking with the Maine DOT regarding long range transportation plans and continue to meet regularly with Bangor City Council. 
  • Childcare/Jobs Team will meet on Jan. 9 @ First Methodist Church, Essex St., Bangor. As the new legislative season upon us, the team will discuss plans to review new legislation and contact legislators as well as address ways to help home childcare providers in the Bangor area. They will decide about participation in the Week of the Young Child again. Local access to jobs with livable wages will also be discussed. So much happening. Speak to Peg Olson for specific details.
  • Food Access Committee met in December to discuss the 2019 gardening season. The first cooking class was held on Thursday, Dec. 20 at Solidarity Center, Food AND Medicine. They made apple turnovers. More classing is coming in January and February. Contact Adam 989-5830. The next monthly meeting will be Jan. 10, 11-1 @ Food AND Medicine. 
  • Holyoke Street Neighborhood Garden group will meet in January. On the agenda will be a fun game night then make plans for other gatherings during the winter months. They will discuss details about the coming gardening season. Date TBA

You will notice the Newly updated Prayer List in the bulletin. Please contact to make additions or changes at anytime.

There are many opportunities to host Coffee Hour. Ask a friend to help you. See the sign-up in the Common Room.

The Artful Spirit Connection Leadership team will meet at St. Patrick’s on Thursday, January 24 at 3 pm. The goal of the meeting is to discuss what we would like to focus on in 2019 and beyond, start strategic planning. 


Treasurer’s Tidbits:  Thank you to all the people who have completed their 2018 pledges. We are still down around $4800 in pledges for 2018.  There is today and December 30, 2018 to complete your 2018 pledge.  Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


The Walkabout schedule has been announced by Episcopal Diocese of Maine. Walkabouts will take place across Maine and will be held the weekend of January 18-20, 2019. It is a chance to meet the Bishop nominees.  The Electing convention on February 9, 2019 at the Cross Center in Bangor.  Check out the website: