Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Announcements for Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Gifts of the Magi and Blessing Bags


Jesus said that what we do for others, we do for him. This year, Outreach will be collecting materials to make Blessing Bags for homeless people in the greater Bangor/ Brewer area, as well as collecting $5 gift cards to local hot beverage establishments.

Please help fill the camel’s pack basket with personal care items that can fit in a coat pocket.

Much like the Maji delivered gifts to Baby Jesus during Epiphany. The Blessing Bags will be assembled on December 30th and delivered to area police stations during Epiphany.

Local police have asked that we do not include a lot of food that is hard to store. They have indicated that people are in greater need of socks, winter gear, and personal care items.

Needs include:

lWarm Winter Hats

lWarm/ Insulated Mittens or Gloves

lWool or Thick Warm Socks

lHot Hands & Body Warmers

lHand Cream (travel size or small)

lRolls of Life Savers or Cough Drops


lPackaged Toothbrush


lToothpaste (travel size or small)



lBox of Band-aids

lIndividually packaged Ibuprofen

lSmall Space Blankets/ Reflective Blankets


lChapstick/ Carmex

lWet Wipes (small packages)

lShampoo/ Conditioner (travel size)

lTampax/ Cotex

lFreedent Gum



Living Local:  We have been concentrating on meeting people in our neighborhoods and in our communities. This Advent Season encourages us to stay alert, notice our neighbors and those we meet during our busy days. Several days on the Advent Calendar suggest ways to connect with those in our community. How are you continuing to engage with others? “The Way of Love: Practices for Jesus Centered Life” process through he National Church is an excellent way to keep moving forward. As you do all this continue to pray “We pray the Holy Spirit leads us each day, to grow in openness with the people we encounter, to hear and connect with them. Amen”

Names for Christmas Flowers of Memorial and Thanksgiving should be given to Mary Ann Perry  by noon Wednesday, Dec. Donation envelopes are available at the usher’s table at the back of the church. 

Faith Linking in Action board is arranging to meet with member congregations, congregations that have expressed an interest in our organization, and congregations that have been active in the past to bring everyone up to date with our latest progress. We will ask someone to speak at St. Patrick’s sometime in the new year. All the Teams meet monthly, so you might like to attend a meeting to become more familiar their work and maybe become more involved:

  • Transportation for All will NOT meet in December. They are speaking with the Maine DOT regarding long range transportation plans and continue to meet regularly with Bangor City Council. 
  • Childcare/Jobs Team With a new legislative season upon us the team will discuss plans to review new legislation and contact legislators as well as address ways to help home childcare providers in the Bangor area. They will decide about participation in the Week of the Young Child again. Local access to jobs with livable wages will also be discussed. So much happening. Speak to Peg Olson for specific details. The next meeting is Jan. 9 @ First Methodist Church, Essex St., Bangor. Talk to Peg Olson for more information. 
  • Food Access Committee met Thursday, Dec. 13 the Solidarity Center, Ivers Street, Brewer. (At Food AND Medicine). Yes, gardening decisions have to be made in the winter!!! The first cooking class will be this Thursday, Dec. 20 @ 11 am at Solidarity Center, Food AND Medicine. They will make apple turnovers. More classing is coming in January and February. Contact Adam 989-5830. The next monthly meeting will be Jan. 10, 11-1 @ Food AND Medicine. 
  • Holyoke Street Neighborhood Garden group will meet in January. On the agenda will be a fun game night then make plans for other gatherings during the winter months. They will discuss details about the coming gardening season. Date TBA

The Columbia Street Lunch sign-up is in the Common Room. We serve on January 6, 2019


You will notice the Newly updated Prayer List in the bulletin. Please contact to make additions or changes at anytime.



Paula Baines, our webmaster online who beautifully manages our website and Facebook Pages,  has made some new additions:

From the home page, you will see three new images on the bottom third of the page”

  • The Magi (learn about Outreach project)
  • Advent 2018-anything to do with Advent
  • Episcopal Diocese of Maine -includes link to DioLog, Bishopquest.

Look for the image on the left on our church website for the

One stop news source for your Advent inquires. Anything and everything related to Advent 2018. will be posted to this page of our church website: 

Look for this image on our home page (lower third). It will include special events like the Advent Retreat, Taizé, seasonal posts of Cross Words and Deacon Ponderings. It also includes Advent resources from the Episcopal Church and Diocese.

Christmas Caroling for Sunday, December 16th is cancelled.

Setting the Table – During, Advent families will be setting the table for Communion. They will be bringing in their own table cloth, wine glass or goblet, and candles.  The communion bread and wine are provided. Please see Lisa Chambers if you are interested.  You will enjoy participating in this wonderful ministry! 

 A Christmas Eve service will be held on Monday, December 24. Please join us at 5 pm for the Carol Sing. The service itself starts at 5:30 pm. The evening will conclude with a Christmas Eve potluck supper. Soups will be provided. We invite you to join us and bring a dish to share. Peg Olson and Kate Petrie will be coordinating the potluck. 


There are many opportunities to host Coffee Hour. Ask a friend to help you. See the sign-up in the Common Room.

Treasurer’s Tidbits Thank you for supporting St. Patrick’s in 2018.  Last Sunday, 11-month pledge reports were handed out to people who made a pledge in 2018.  There are 4 more Sundays to fulfill your pledge for 2018.  The last Sunday is December 30, 2018.   If you think there is a mistake on your report, please contact me (landline 884-8898) and I will look into it.  I do not carry pledge amounts in my head, they are in the computer.  Ten pledges have been paid in full or excess, but we are still down nearly $7000 in pledge payments for the year. As for 2019, I have only received 25 pledge cards and we usually have 32 or more pledging units. Your attention to these details will help as the Vestry ends 2018 and figures out the budget for 2019.  Thank you, Cynthia Vaughan, Treasurer of St. Patrick’s