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Thanksgiving is over and so let the shopping craze begin.  This is a time when many hustle around to find just the right present, the perfect tree, and many will become anxious as they must bake goodies to give to neighbors and friends.  I also have to get my Christmas cards out and they have to be just right.  I hate shopping on Black Friday; but that’s when all the good deals are.  It is important to have my house perfectly decorated.  Sound familiar?  These are just some of the conversations that can echo in our ears from within and outside of us. 

We Christians are invited to step away from this way of our consumerism culture that is highlighted at this time of the year, into a world of waiting in the darkness. I used to dread the darkness and could not wait until the days began to get longer.  The following is my journal entry from Thanksgiving as he and I sat at the table in the kitchen of my brother’s house in Port Clyde on Thanksgiving morning.

I sit quietly waiting for something that I expect will be beautiful and stir my heart.  It will leave me smiling with wonder and awe.  It always does.  I sit.  I wait.  I can almost see it.  There is a star, very bright, or maybe it is a satellite. .  I see the dark lines of the branches of a tree that blow in the wind.  Tom said it is only five degrees and very windy this morning.  Clouds come into view way out over the horizon.  I am struck by the silence and the beauty of the darkness.  It is peaceful sitting here, and what my heart yearns for.  I can’t wait for that moment when I can see the sun burst up over the horizon.  There are more dark lines as the world begins to brighten.  I see tall brown grass swaying with the breeze.  I hear the wind as it whistles over the top of the chimney.    Ahhh…pink sky emerges above the clouds that hover on the horizon.  The darkness gives way to the light.  It reminds me of the how the Advent season of waiting for the light of Christ to remind us once again of how much God loves the world and all that is in it, including us.  And there it is, that beautiful ball of light.  It pops over the horizon as it moves higher in the sky.  I see the snow now and the sea smoke as it rushes into the cove.  What a beautiful sight!!! I feel joyful.  It is going to be a great day and a beautiful Advent as we wait in darkness and quiet for the coming of the baby Jesus.



Advent blessings,

Deacon Peggy

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