Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Announcements – September 9, 2018

Calendar Scheduling Meeting is today following Coffee Hour. Everyone is invited to attend with proposals for dates, times and events for this year’s parish calendar.  (Sept, 2018 – Sept, 2019)We will pencil in your activity, coordinating efforts and avoiding as many conflicts as possible. What might the year ahead look like on one master calendar?

A FALL RETREAT IS BEING PLANNED OCTOBER 13-14  from Saturday noon until Sunday afternoon at Father Rick’s cottage in Bar Harbor.  There are plenty of beds for those staying over night. A church retreat is a lot of fun!  We will have a guest leader, William Blaine-Wallace.  The vestry needs to know how many people to expect so please sign up in the common room.  At this point we ask that you check definitely coming, probably coming or possibly coming.  We need to get an estimated  number for planning.  We also need help with the food planning, communication and  registration. A small fee will be charged to cover the cost of food.  Christine Talbott is heading up the food committee and is looking for helpers.   Join us!  Church retreats in a beautiful location can be a memorable and relaxing event.


Living Local: Joining God.   The Guiding Team is sponsoring a Harvest Gathering Lunch on Sunday, Sept. 30. Mark your calendars to stay after church to enjoy lunch, fellowship, and sharing with others here at St. Patrick’s. You may be surprised what you learn from those you see every week. Take this opportunity to get to know others a little better.

Food Access Committee Garden Harvest Party will be September 18 from 5:30-7pm at Food AND Medicine, 20 Ivers St., Brewer. Rides will be provided. Each garden will provide a dish from some of their produce. Gardeners will share experiences this year and hopes for next year’s gardens. Talk to Mary Ann Perry if you might like to attend.

Holyoke Street Neighborhood Garden struggled this year. We did not have good soil plus it was just a difficult growing year. We plan to improve our soil and continue to network with neighbors for next year. We must keep in mind to be patient. You might like to become involved. Come to the Food Access Committee Harvest Party or speak to Mary Ann Perry.

Canning Workshops Date and time to be decided but if this interests you please speak to Mary Ann Perry or email

The next regular FAC Meeting will be Sept. 13 from 11-1 at Food AND Medicine.

Artful Spirit Connection held a table in the kids’ area at Brewer Days on Saturday, September 8. Vicky Montgomery showed kids how to make beaded bracelets and earrings. Pat Blethen and Paula Baines helped families put together art kits. Eighty art kits were handed out and 39 arts/crafts interest surveys were completed. Special Thanks to David Blethen and Jim Baines for helping deliver the bins. David assisted in setting up and take down. Artful Spirit will meetin the next few weeks to review the surveys and plan on next steps for the 2018/2019 year.

The HOLIDAY FAIR is scheduled for 17 NOVEMBER 2018, from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon, with breakfast available at the HOLY GRILL.     Items are now being collected for the Jewelry Table.  The next time you are looking in your jewelry box, please look for things that you no longer wear, that someone else might enjoy.  Vintage and costume jewelry sell items well.  Jewelry need not be in perfect condition!  Put your treasures in a baggie bearing your name and give them to Rita Poirier.  In advance:  Thank you!  (


If you brought bag-type folding chairs to the Worship on the Waterfront (“WOW”) service on 29 July, please note the following.  

Pastor Linnette George of Holden & Dedham UCC is missing a black bag-chair.  

Edith Tate is missing a high back style dark blue chair. Her name is on it someplace. Please check if you have one of that type. Another one (without the name) was left behind.  IN THE MEANTIME, The Blethens of St. Patrick’s have at their house in Bangor a small medium-blue chair that was left behind.   Mrs. Blethen (Pat) can be reached at 207.991.8301, or by email at  

Lastly, the Gleasons of Greater Bangor (and St. Patrick’s)  are missing a small dark-green armless bag chair.   It’s part of a set, and the other one is feeling lonely.  They can be reached at 207.945.3838, or you can email him (Mike) at

by Paula Baines