Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Announcements for August 12, 2018

We welcome our guest celebrant this morning, The Rev. Lev Sherman.

Deacon Moves Part-time. The Rev. Deacon Peggy Day is moving to half time and will be present for two Sundays out of the month. If there are five Sundays in a designated month, she will be present for three.  She will also be present for all the major services, like Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and Easter.  This decision was made in consultation with the bishop and approval from the vestry and the Rev. Rick Cross.  Her Letter of Agreement will be updated to reflect these changes.

Living Local: Joining God. Summer is an excellent time to be out and about meeting and greeting our neighbors. Who are YOUR neighbors?  Are they people who live near you; are they people you see regularly as you go about your daily routine; or are they sometimes strangers with whom you have a chance encounter? Take a few minutes to enjoy the experience of meeting them. What stories do they have? How did this enrich your day?

The Coffee Hour Host calendar is wide open beginning August 26. Sign-up is in the Common Room.

Holyoke Street Neighborhood Gardeners joined the Food Access Committee meeting that was held at St. Patrick’s on August 9. Ten area gardens were represented and we all shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of our gardening process. Some gardens have too much produce and others, like ours, are struggling. We are working on an arrangement to receive some of the excess. What a wonderful cooperative community. The guest speaker was Professor John Jemison from the University of Maine. He talked a great deal about compost, and preparing our beds for winter. He also fielded many specific questions. 

Coming soon:  Saturday, August 18 @ 10 am a meeting at Northside Garden, 250 Griffin Road in Bangor for a lesson in pruning and tending the garden. The group will then visit nearby Griffin Garden.

Canning Workshops Date and time to be decided but if this interests you please speak to Mary Ann Perry or email:

Harvest Party will be held on September 18 from 5:30-7 pm at Food AND Medicine, 20 Ivers St., Brewer.  (Planning meeting is August 16 @ 10 am at Food AND Medicine)

The next regular FAC Meeting will be Sept. 13 from 11-1 at Food AND Medicine.

Childcare/Jobs Team will meet this Tuesday, August 14 from 6-7:30 @ First Methodist Church of Bangor on Essex Street. They are preparing material, information and making plans for a presentation at the October convening for Faith Linking in Action.

FLIA Transportation for All meeting is Thursday, August 16 @ 9 am at Hammond Street Congregational Church, Bangor.

 The Deacons are coming! The community of deacons of the diocese will be holding its annual meeting with the bishop on Saturday, August 18th at St. Patrick’s.  Deacon Peggy is looking for people who might be interested and willing to help with serving lunch.  If you are willing to help with set up and clean up, please contact Peggy at 745-0299.  

Artful Spirit Connection is collecting items for art kits for kids. We are inviting donations of crayons, colored pencils, construction, paper, washable markers, and more.



The HOLIDAY FAIR is scheduled for 17 NOVEMBER 2018, from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon, with breakfast available at the HOLY GRILL.     Items are now being collected for the Jewelry Table.  The next time you are looking in your jewelry box, please look for things that you no longer wear, that someone else might enjoy.  Vintage and costume jewelry sell items well.  Jewelry need not be in perfect condition!  Put your treasures in a baggie bearing your name and give them to Rita Poirier.  In advance:  Thank you!    (


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sunset Cruise to End Domestic Violence has been canceled. 

by Paula Baines