Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Announcements July 1, 2018

Please welcome our celebrant, The Rev. Jane White-Hassler and her husband, Tom for Sunday, July 1, 2018 worship service.

Today is the first Sunday of our new Prayer List. You can make changes or add names to this list at any time. Please send requests to Thank you.

We will host The Columbia Street Luncheon on Sunday, July 15. You can still sign-up to provide Baked Beans, chopped onions, hot dog rolls, or watermelon. Please see the list in the Common Room.

The next available time to host Coffee Hour is July 22 and all of August is available. Yes, sign-up in Common Room.

Do you have unwanted crayons? A.C. Moore and The Crayon Initiative are collecting unwanted crayons that will be recycled. You can drop off your crayons to St. Patrick’s now through August 1, and we will make sure that they get to the local A.C. Moore store in Bangor by August 4th. Read more.

Our next Meditation Service with music from Taizé, France  and the Iona Community, Scotland will be Wednesday, July 18 at 6:30 pm. Deacon Peggy Day will be our worship leader for this service. Taizé and Iona Worship is an Ecumenical Service in which meditative prayer, scripture, and Songs of Taizé and Songs from Iona written by John L. Bell are used in a relaxed atmosphere where the worshiper will easily become comfortable with the music, prayers, quiet reflection, and community.

A quote from Brother Roger, founder of Taize community:

“From the depths of the human condition a secret aspiration rises up. Caught in the anonymous rhythms of schedules and timetables, men and women of today are implicitly thirsting for an essential reality, for an inner life. Nothing is more conducive to a communion with the living God than a meditative common prayer with, as its high point, singing that never ends and that continues in the silence of one’s heart when one is along again.”

Faith Linking in Action

Transportation for All Team has worked hard to connect with the Bangor and Hampden City Councils as talks continue about conducting an assessment of the bus system.  The next meeting will be Thursday, June 28 at Hammond Street Congregational Church from 9-11am. They will work on leadership, communication, and organizational strategies.

The Childcare/Jobs Team is now addressing the DHHS proposed plan for childcare funding and regulations for 2018-2021. Next meeting is Tuesday, July 10 at First Methodist Church on Essex Street, Bangor from 6:00-7:30pm. Talk to Peg Olson for more information.

The Food Access Committee will meet Thursday, July 12 at Miller Square, 315 Harlow St., Bangor. 11-1:00 lunch included. Plans for fall workshops will continue so we can learn about foods for special dietary needs, plant maintenance, good pruning and harvesting techniques, and canning and preserving the bounties. We encourage those helping with Holyoke Neighborhood Garden to attend this meeting. If you are available please speak to Mary Ann Perry.

The Holyoke Neighborhood Garden is planted. It seems to be struggling right now. It is hard to figure out the right amount of water. Step out the door from the Shamrock Room to see the progress. This is a new and very exciting time for St. Patrick’s and our neighbors. You can be a part of this adventure. Weeders, chatters, and meeting attendees are still needed. See the sign-up in the Common Room.  We plan to meet very soon to coordinate our efforts. Josh from Food AND Medicine is helping us connect with all our gardeners and neighbors. Talk to Mary Ann Perry for more details about how you can participate.

Living Local: Joining God. The Guiding Team, Pat Blethen, Jane Harburger, Peg Olson, Mary Ann Perry and our coach, Tom White-Hassler encourage you to take a few minutes to walk up the street and chat. If you see someone gardening, introduce yourself and chat. We will concentrate this summer on getting to know each other better and to spend some time with our St. Patrick’s neighbors. Learn the name of one of our neighbors. See if you can learn something new about a fellow parishioner each Sunday. Share something new about yourself. Take a few minutes to chat with a visitor. Let us know how it is going.

The Loose plate offering is designated for Outreach on the 2nd Sunday of each month and it is designated for the Rector’s Discretionary Fund on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Longest Day Vigil Update: We made a difference on the Longest Day! Last week, we promoted  the Longest Day Prayer Vigil online,  with our big lime green sign outside, our doors flung wide open and our angel standing and welcoming people.  We received 588 “hits” on our Facebook Page in one week.  Our action made a difference.  Information and how you can make a difference by continuing to contact Congress about the immigration crisis and emerging policy can be found on the back table in the nave. Please continue to keep those affected in your prayers. Not all Christian leaders are staying silent. Watch


Thank you for making a financial commitment to St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church for 2018 in the form of a pledge.  Your timely pledge payments keep the church going.  Today your 6-month pledge report is available from the ushers.  If you think there is something amiss, please contact me at home on my land line 884-8898. I do not carry the numbers in my head, they are on the computer.  You should be half way thru your pledge at this time.  As usual, some are ahead, some are behind, and others are right on the mark.  Making timely payments does make my job easier and keeps the bills paid.   –Cynthia Vaughan

The HOLIDAY FAIR is scheduled for NOVEMBER 17, 2018 from 8 am to 12 noon, with breakfast available at the HOLY GRILL.    I have noticed that a few people have signed up, But I still do not have a Co-Chair!  Please consider this job, since I won’t be around after my surgery in July and we need to get a few things done, while I am at home recuperating. Cynthia Vaughan.



by Paula Baines