Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

2017 Highlights by Paula Baines, 2017 Senior Warden

Greetings. My, St. Patrick’s certainly had a very productive year. I am glad that I had the honor and opportunity to serve you as your Senior Warden. We ended the year in good financial shape. I would like to thank of those individuals who contributed their time, talents, and financial contributions.

It is not size of the building or the congregation. It is not how big our budget is. Yes, money is needed; we are aware of that.  It is the heart. The St. Patrick’s community has so much heart.   

One member shared with me that arriving at St. Pat’s is like being welcomed by family.

I recently asked our church members what they thought was their favorite highlight of 2017. I wanted to share them with you.

  • Going out into the neighborhood with palms and balloons on Palm Sunday.
  • Christmas Caroling in the neighborhood with soups and pasta dinner afterwards.
  • Artful Spirit-rotating art exhibits with stories that are inspirational; spring artisan fair, and the Todd Glacy concert.
  • The Holiday Fair. We all come together.
  • The new Common Room Floor and replacement ramp.
  • Living Local
  • The generous giving of the church-Advent clothesline project
  • Summer’s Worship on the Waterfront
  • Jackson Beck’s baptism on Easter Vigil.
  • Ecumenical Ash Wednesday service.
  • Faith Linking in Action
  • Fall Book study on the book “Dignity”
  • Faithful Refreshment-the spiritual discussion group

I am sure we can think of many more. Here is to be making 2018 a wonderful, heartful, and giving year.

In peace,


Paula Baines

Senior Warden, 2017