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Urgent Prayer Request from Fr. Rick – June 12, 2016

An Urgent Prayer Request Sunday, June 12, 2016


To Sisters and Brothers at St. Patrick’s Neighborhood Center (Episcopal) in Brewer, as an addendum to our prayers earlier today….

President Obama described today’s Orlando massacre: “An act of terror – an act of hate.”

We are becoming accustomed to living with the threat of terror from radical sects who would destroy Western life, values and culture. The God we worship and serve is the source of compassion who creates life. Let us pray for creative energy to be unleashed throughout the world, beginning with each of us.

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) sisters and brothers have been the objects of misunderstanding and hate throughout history. The God we worship and serve created all human life in the image of the Creator – the image of Love. Let us pray for the transforming power of Love to make all things and relationships new.

Please keep Orlando victims, perpetrators, their families, friends and communities in your daily prayers. This is “Gay Pride” Month. Support and advocate for any LGBT person you know or know about, by speaking a word of encouragement and love to them or to others you meet.

Your prayers serve a critical need during this time of moral crisis and negativity, based in FEAR. Jesus teaches us, “Do not be afraid.” Bind fear and unleash the power of God’s Spirit to transform terror and hate. We have the power given us at Pentecost! Speak up! Be bold in the power of the Spirit!

Shalom, Fr. Rick

The question has to be asked again: Should AR-15, and similar  military assault weapons be freely accessible to anyone who wants one?