Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Easter Season

What a gift the Holy Week services were at St. Pat’s this year!
The investment of time, energy, and inspired creativity from participants made them so. There were even a few visitors and guests.

The word about the resurrection got out because several visitors to the empty tomb went running back into town to tell others. My suggestion is that next year we make a concerted effort to “take the show on the road.” Holy Week liturgy is just too good to keep it hidden under a bushel. Others in the community need the joy and energy generated. And they need to hear the story.

So start thinking now how this could happen. It is consistent with our mandate to become a neighborhood center- to get outside our four walls. I am afraid we are way too inwardly focused on our own celebration. If we continue just to maintain our small happy circle without new blood, St. Patrick’s will be unsustainable into the future.

I hate to be heard as a prophet of gloom and doom, but I aspire to speak the truth. I believe this wonderful community of faith has the potential to change and grow. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. I told the Bishop I was not interested in being a “hospice chaplain” to a dying congregation.

As an Easter person, look for Jesus alive in new people and places and listen for inspiration for yourself, and our life together as a renewed faith community. Imagine a long line of all kinds of people lined up by the Baptismal font. Or, where can you imagine the font being taken
into the community?

Shalom, Rick