Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Soul Collage®introductory course Held At St. Patrick’s on June 16th A Success by Lee White

A group of eight gathered on Saturday, June 16 to learn about a wonderful fun new collage process that invites us to learn a little more about ourselves.  Christine Talbott and Lisa Cohn – both Soul Collage trained facilitators and gentle guides – introduced us to a delightful way to gather images from all those spare magazines we have in the closet and use them to touch our inner soul. 

It was easy to learn and easy to make.  It was well organized and well-presented, so we could bring it home and continue.  Thank you, Christine and Lisa!   Soul Collage® is a method of self-discovery through the creation and intuitive analysis of a deck of collaged cards.  For more information see