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Longest Day Vigil at St. Patrick’s Draws Attention the Needs of Immigrant Detainee Families

There was lots of activity at St. Patrick’s this past week.  St. Patrick’s member Christine Talbott asked if anyone would go with her to see Senator Collins. Upon that invitation, several people decided to “do something” as many from St. Patrick’s had seen heart wrenching images and had heard stories of children being separated from their parents at the border.

Upon advice from Bonnie Heyer, members of St. Pat’s contacted Senator Collins’ office and were seen on the morning of Thursday, June 21st by Carol Woodcock, the head of Collins’ staff at the Bangor office.  Carol very graciously listened to eight of us speak from different perspectives.  Six members of St. Patrick’s: Rev. Rick Cross, priest in charge; Christine Talbott, David Blethen, Lee White, Mary Ann Perry, Bonnie Heyer and the Rev. Jane Hassler-White from St. James and the Rev Chris Szarke from Belfast attended and spoke.

“Carol Woodcock spent 45 minutes with us,and was very informative of what Senator Collins is trying to organize,” reported Christine Talbott.

Members gathered at church and opened its doors on Thursday afternoon from 12 to 8:30 for the “Longest Day” Prayer Vigil.

“We had a big sign out that said “Pull in and Pray for detained families,” reported Talbott. Adding, athough, they didn’t get anyone other than those who know or attend St. Pat’s, they made a presence on a very busy highway.

“Our front doors were wide open and our beautiful angel adorned the steps.  We were visible and showed our concern which was a witness to what is good, and kind, and loving. 

The Longest Day Vigil is the heart felt idea of Marge Killelly, a member of St. Matthew’s and St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Hallowell. We thank her for her idea. 

St. Patrick’s was one of six Episcopal parishes in the state to observe the Longest Day vigil. Thanks to the efforts of Christine Talbott and others, our church was featured on Channel 5 news which can be viewed on our website or the diocesan website. 

WABI-TV 5 News