Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Art of the Spirit Continues with two exhibits in October

Notice our newly installed walls of art here in the sanctuary’s Art in a Sacred Space gallery. Our guest artist is Heather J Spring, Ph. D. who lives at Green Lake. She is a Health Sciences Researcher, Spiritual Director, Gardener, and Artist.

Artist statement from Heather:

The longer I live, the more I experience God as Mystery. Like the rising of the sun, there are certain givens that we learn from scripture. But, just when we think we have God pegged, we are invited to expand our awareness, grow our image of who the Holy might be. Paper marbling. too, is a mysterious process. Certain aspects we try to control, like the viscosity of the water bath, the shade of the paints, or the shape of the flower. But, in the end the paints flow across the surface of the water like the Spirit hovering over the deep. The paper-laid upon it-may go on smoothly or it may form a wave or harbor of bubbles. Skill and serendipity combine and each time the results amaze me…as does God.

Our second exhibit is in the Shamrock Room gallery. It is a 13 wall hanging exhibit”The Mending Fields” by Edner M. Fago.  It is an artistic expression and interpretation of the scripture Judges 19:1-30.  Many of the titles of the individual pieces tie in with Domestic Violence awareness month. Edner created the exhibit in 2009 as part her course work at Bangor Theological Seminary. Coincidently, its contains many of the elements that we have discussed in the Dignity book discussion. Check out, the exhibit will be up through the month of October.

Both of these exhibits are made possible through our Artful Spirit Connection grant. Thank you, Artful Spirit Connection team for continuing to stretch our imaginations in discovering more possibilities to experience God with us.

To schedule a showing of either exhibit, call or text Paula Baines, Artful Spirit Connection team member at: 207-944-0838.