Growing in God's Love as an Open, Caring Community

Living Local Guiding Team and Vestry Hosted a lovely Lunch after Church on Sunday, September 17

Thanks for a wonderful Harvest lunch. The Harvest lunch was hosted on Sunday, September 17 at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church by our Living Local Guiding team: Pat Blethen, Maryann Perry, Peg Olson, Jane Harburger, and their team coach-Tom. The lunch was prepared by the vestry members. Special thanks to our Junior Warden Pete Perry. The spaghetti sauces were made from the delicious garden produce from the Perry Garden. Yummy. 

It was a high spirited and energetic gathering. Our Living Local guiding team gave us an overview of what has been achieved by date and walked us through a couple of exercises.

Next, the Living Local team will be presenting at the the next Vestry meeting on Thursday, September 21

The normal response of the church is seeing a need and acting to resolve the need the way the church perceives it should be resolved. God calls us to do that.  

Luke 10 leads us to wonder where God is already at work, and how we might join God by coming together with our neighbors. We will be asking:

  • What might God be up to in the neighborhoods where we live?
  • How do we discover where God is already at work?
  • Where might God want us to join with other people in what God is already doing?

Thank you from the Guiding Team members:  MaryAnn, Peg, Pat, Jane and Tom, our coach.
Check out this video about church, insights to the new reformation that the guiding team asked vestry to watch: